Frequently Asked Questions


What can I do if I disagree with a decision that is made regarding my eligibility for services?

If you cannot resolve an issue with a counselor or his or her supervisor, a SACAP advocate can be contacted to assist you in finding a solution. It’s possible that SACAP intervention may assist each party in better understanding the problem. You also have the option of requesting an administrative review with the agency to discuss your concerns and hopefully find an agreeable solution. Federal law gives you the right for mediation to take place between you and the agency. Finally, you have the right to appeal a decision where an impartial hearing officer reviews your case (a hearing). Most issues can be resolved without having to go through the administrative review or hearing process. If necessary, SACAP is able to intervene with the provider on your behalf.

Do I need to go to an office and complete paperwork to get assistance from SACAP?


General questions can be answered by email or telephone. If you wish to have SACAP investigate a complaint, the process can be started by telephone. SACAP cannot begin an investigation until a signed Information Release form is received. SACAP can send you this form by mail, email, or fax. Stay in contact with your SACAP representative during the investigation process by phone, email, or any other available technology. If an in-person meeting is necessary, we can accommodate your request.

Is the agency required to follow SACAP recommendations?

SACAP was created to help eliminate barriers you may encounter when dealing with rehabilitation service providers. SACAP and service providers are governed by the same federal law and are expected to work in a coordinated effort. If a disagreement cannot be resolved between SACAP and the service provider, a formal appeals process is available.

I have a good counselor who is trying to get me what I need, there just seem to be so many “roadblocks.” Can SACAP help?

In most cases, SACAP can review your case and help to identify barriers specific to your case. SACAP also identifies trends and makes recommendations for changes in the system.